Dig Deep – Castlecomer Underground

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John Delaney (left) and Seamus Walsh Working with a coal cutter in an area with a roof space of less than 2 ft.

For 300 years,until their closure in 1968,  mining was the lifeblood of Castlecomer and the surrounding area. At the peak of the industry, up to 600 men risked their lives every day in the mines developed by Sir Christopher Wandsworth. Dig Deep will be a celebration of the mining industry, and its legacy. The main centre for the celebrations will be the town of Castlecomer and its Mining History Museum, located in Castlecomer Discovery Park, with events also to be held in Coon and Clogh.

The Castlecomer Gathering will take place from July 26th to August 6th 2013 and will be a celebration centered but not confined to the mining heritage of the area. During the years from 1840 to 1855, 47% of the town population was given emigration assistance by the Wandesford Estate and eventually in the 1950s the estate lands and property were sold, ending the landlord era in Castlecomer. Hundreds of coalminers were forced to emigrate to England, Canada and the US and this Gathering is reaching out to their descendants and relatives to return in 2013.

Events include the Erins Own Jerry Holden GAA tournament, Castlecomer Male Voice Choir inviting Welsh mining choirs event,  Mining Museum Barbeque, Ecumenical Services, official launch of the Butter House in Coon , Deen Celtic soccer tournament in association with Penevenan France and also the week long photographic exhibition in Clogh. A fantastic schedule of events!

For further details, please contact the Castlecomer Gathering Committee, C/O The Enterprise Centre Castlecomer, Co. Kilkenny; email info@castlecomerenterprise.ie